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We have over half a century of experience in piano tuning, maintenance, and repair.

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Who we are

Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft is the only piano tuning company near you that was built by and for piano enthusiasts. We opened our doors more than half a century ago to piano owners, students, concert pianists, recording engineers, studios, and universities around the world.

Concert pianist Shaun Tirrell and seasoned composer Keith Kerman—who became Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft’s majority owners in 2001—are committed to delivering world-class piano tuning, maintenance, and restoration services.

We have cared for nearly every piano make and model over the years, including some of the oldest and most high-end instruments in the world. At PianoCraft, we make sure to treat every piano with the same love, extreme care, and attention to detail. No matter the extent of damage to an old piano or the voicing needs of the piano owner, our registered piano technicians will make sure that instrument sounds amazing.
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Bringing Over Half a Century of Experience in Piano Tuning 

What we do

Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft provides world-class piano tuning, voicing, regulating, and restoration services to piano enthusiasts. All our expert piano technicians are experienced in caring for every piano make and model, including all iterations of Steinways, Mason & Hamlins, Steingraebers, Baldwins, Erards, and more.

We can send a registered piano technician to your home to assess the state of your piano. Our highly-skilled technicians can perform piano voicing, tuning, and other maintenance services from your home. If further repairs are needed, we can restore your piano to its prime condition from our state-of-the-art rebuilding facility. With the help of cutting-edge technology, we can carry out any repair with ease.

All our piano technicians will go the extra mile to include our clients throughout this entire process. We consult with every client to make sure we meet their needs and the highest standards of craftsmanship we’ve set for ourselves.
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Spreading the Joys of Music

Why we do it

In all our years of service, it has been our mission to nurture our clients’ love for music and pianos through meticulous and professional piano tuning services. Setting the highest possible level of craftsmanship has enabled us to gain worldwide recognition for piano restoration, tuning, and maintenance services.

We are as passionate about our craft as we were the day when we first opened our doors. Every day, we work hard to spread the joys of music and empower artists everywhere to make a living through their skill. There’s nothing more fulfilling than seeing our work fuel the passions of artists around the world.
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More than Piano Tuning...

Over the years, along with 5-star piano servicing, the PianoCraft shop has become world renowned for piano rebuilding. Using superior materials and craftsmanship, clients trust us to be uncompromising in quality piano restoration and rebuilding. Whether you require a newly crafted soundboard, action work or refinishing that will outshine new pianos, we have taught and developed a level of craftsmanship in house that was only previously seen in brand new expensive pianos.
While we do take pride in our ability to please the highest levels of concert pianists, composers and artists, real pride also comes from our ability to help new and budding musicians to find their voice. Whether you are a new student diving into our shared journey or an experienced pianist looking for the perfect piano, here at PianoCraft we will surely enrich your experience and further your musical journey.
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