June 24, 2019

Piano Tuning and Piano Repair in Bethesda; What’s the Difference?

Professional tuning and piano repair in Bethesda ensures that your instrument is in good condition and produces the sound you expect every time you play. However, you might wonder the difference between tuning a piano in Bethesda and piano repair, and which one is needed for your piano, especially if it’s somewhat older and doesn’t seem to respond to routine tuning.

To help you better understand the best choice of Bethesda piano service for your instrument, note some differences between tuning, voicing, and repairs. You can also use this information when deciding if a used piano is a worthwhile purchase for you, and better determine the extent of damage and needed piano repairs for a Bethesda instrument.

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What Is Piano Repair Bethesda

Piano repair involves more than simply adjusting the pins and strings under a piano’s lid. Repairing a piano in Bethesda might require any of the following services:

  • Deteriorated materials such as felt and leather are replaced as needed. Rusted or broken strings are also replaced.
  • Durable materials such as the soundboard are typically repaired. Cracks might be sealed and glued.
  • Wood pieces might need replacing or repair, depending on the extent of damage. Since wood expands and contracts over time, some pieces might be brittle or too misshapen for repairs. Other pieces might have expanded and need sanding.
  • A pinblock might be re-drilled and new pins set.
  • Metal pieces might need a thorough cleaning or sanding to remove corrosion.
  • Old and worn keys might be restored or replaced. The keyboard itself is often cleaned thoroughly, ensuring there is no debris between keys or residues on the keyboard that slow down their action.
  • The outside of the piano is restored as needed. Cracks in the wood frame are sealed. The wood might also be sanded down and then refinished with fresh stain and lacquer, restoring the piano’s appearance.

What Is Bethesda Piano Tuning

Piano tuning a Bethesda instrument is not as involved as repair or restoration. A piano tuner will rarely even make repairs other than replacing a broken wire, hammer, or pin as needed to bring the instrument into proper tune. He or she might note to the piano owner noticeable damage but doesn’t typically sand down hammers, replace felt, polish pieces under the lid, and the like.

You might also need piano voicing of a Bethesda instrument, to adjust the tone of the instrument. Bethesda piano voicing creates a brighter or deeper tone, for a better response to certain types of music. The note itself doesn’t change when you have a piano voiced but the tone might seem higher and lighter or deeper and bolder, depending on the voicing.

Should You Invest in Piano Repair Costs in Bethesda

In some cases a very old piano might respond to standard tuning and sound like new, but only a piano restoration technician in Bethesda can note if an aged or damaged piano needs repairs and restoration. In some cases a piano might be very old but in good condition simply because it hasn’t been played in many years, so there has been little wear and tear on the strings and moving pieces.

If evaluating a piano in person, note that playing it alone might not indicate the extent of repairs required to restore its overall sound. A severely out-of-tune piano might produce a very flat and dull sound while a few broken strings are also a relatively easy fix, and piano voicing a Bethesda instrument is also very affordable and can restore the sound of a keyboard easily as well. If you’re unsure of what to do about an older piano, call a Bethesda piano repair technician for an evaluation.

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What Is the Cost of Piano Repair in Bethesda

There is no easy way to determine the cost of piano repair in Bethesda, but note some factors to consider when deciding if that cost is worth your investment:

  • Refinishing the wood of a piano might cost $1000 to $2500 or more, depending on the size and condition of the piano. This cost is in addition to other repairs and restoration work.
  • Repairing or restoring carvings and other details on the body of a piano also adds to the cost of piano repairs in Bethesda. In some cases, you might forego this restoration and simply have piano legs and other parts repaired so that they’re stable and secure, without worrying about restoring carvings.
  • Replacing certain parts might be less costly than overall Bethesda piano repair, as a piano has hundreds of moving parts and taking the time to restore and repair them all can be painstaking and expensive! If your piano repair technician suggests replacing parts under the lid, consider this as a cost-effective alternative to piano repairs.
  • The only exception to replacing parts versus repairing them might be the keys themselves, as piano keys are quite expensive. Some keys might even run hundreds of dollars each! Consider fixing rather than replacing piano keys but consider the cost of replacement versus repair for other parts.
  • Certain piano brands are very valuable no matter their age, and some antique pianos even more so! Before deciding if the cost of piano repair in Bethesda is worth your investment, do some research on the piano model itself and its value after restoration and piano repairs. You might be surprised to note the value of an older piano in good condition!

When Do You Need Bethesda Piano Repair

Regular Bethesda piano tuning ensures that your instrument is in good condition and sounding its best, and protects it from excessive wear and tear. Playing your piano regularly also keeps the strings taut and in tune! However, if piano tuning or piano voicing doesn’t create the sound you prefer, it might be time for piano repair.

You might also look under the lid and, without touching any parts, note if you can see cracked or overly worn pieces. Keep your face and hands away from the wires while having someone gently strike a few keys and note if the hammers move freely. In some cases, a visual inspection alerts you to needed piano repair in Bethesda, to get your instrument back in good working order.

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