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Our technicians have over 50 years of experience in piano repair, maintenance, and tuning services.

Piano Repair Bethesda, MD - Bringing Back the Balance

Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft is a family-owned piano service company that has been tuning, refinishing, rebuilding, and offering piano repair Bethesda area for over 50 years. Our expert technicians have decades of experience working on all types of pianos, including uprights, baby grands, concert grands, and player pianos. 

We offer complete piano tuning using the finest tools and technology to ensure your piano is tuned to perfection and sounds its absolute best. Beyond tuning, we also provide complete piano maintenance and repairs, including fixing sticky keys, replacing broken strings, repairing pedals, eliminating noises or vibrations, and regulating and voicing to improve tone quality. 

For pianos that need extensive work, we also offer piano restoration services. This includes replacing worn parts, restringing, refinishing the soundboard, pinblock replacement, and more. We use the highest quality parts and materials when repairing pianos to ensure the instrument will play beautifully for years to come. 

With our quality craftsmanship and focus on customer service, Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft has become the most trusted name in piano service and repair in Bethesda and the surrounding areas.
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What are the Benefits of Professional Piano Repair?

Choosing our piano repair service in Bethesda, Maryland, provides several key benefits:

* Highly skilled technicians - Our technicians have over 25 years of experience tuning, repairing, rebuilding, and refinishing all types and brands of pianos. Their expertise allows them to provide the highest quality work.
* Use of top-quality materials - We only use the best replacement parts, strings, hammers, and other materials from leading manufacturers when repairing pianos. This ensures the instrument will have a long life.
* Precision work - Our technicians are meticulous and detail-oriented to ensure the intricate parts inside a piano are repaired with precision. This results in optimal performance.
* Latest tools and technology - We use the most advanced diagnostic tools, computer software, and equipment for tuning and repairs. This allows us to efficiently identify and fix issues accurately.
* Satisfaction guarantee - We stand behind our work and offer a satisfaction guarantee on all services. Our priority is a smoothly functioning, beautifully sounding piano.
* Established local reputation - With over two decades of experience in the Bethesda area, we are the trusted name in piano servicing and have many satisfied customers.
* Flexible scheduling - We work around your schedule to provide tune-ups and repairs at your convenience.

For the highest quality piano tuning, maintenance, and repair services, choose Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft. Our expertise brings out the best in your piano.
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Why Choose Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft?

With over 50 years of serving the Bethesda area, our company stands in a class above the rest when it comes to piano maintenance and repair. Our combination of seasoned expertise, mastery of technique, and dedication to customer satisfaction sets us apart. While some companies may offer quick or discounted services, our priority is providing long-lasting, high-quality work that keeps your piano sounding its very best for years to come.

Our technicians have finely honed piano care down to a science. Their understanding of the intricate mechanics and subtle nuances inside each unique piano allows them to make precise adjustments. We are true craftsmen who take pride in utilizing their skills to transform lackluster-sounding pianos into instruments that sing with flawless tones. We take the time necessary to correctly fix issues and don't cut corners.

Equally important, we use the highest quality parts and materials in our repairs, such as the finest German steel strings and top-name branded hammers. We never resort to cheap, generic replacements that could compromise the integrity of your piano. Your instrument deserves the best.

Our customers repeatedly express their gratitude at how we were able to resurrect and optimize their pianos beyond expectations. If you want your beloved piano to receive caring, masterful service from those who understand these instruments inside and out, Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft is the clear standout choice. We have a proven track record of piano care excellence.
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With decades of experience, Bethesda Piano Tuning provides expert piano tuning, repair, rebuilding, and refinishing services for all types and brands of pianos. Our skilled technicians use high-quality materials and advanced tools to meticulously service each unique piano. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with our piano care expertise that keeps your instrument sounding its very best.
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