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We have over half a century of experience in piano tuning, maintenance, and repair.

Piano Restoration Bethesda, MD - Our Magic Touch

Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft specializes in the meticulous care and piano restoration Bethesda, MD, and beyond. Our experienced technicians have over 50 years of experience restoring and tuning pianos to their original glory. We offer a range of services, from basic piano tuning to complete restorations that transform neglected instruments into their peak playing condition. 

Our multi-step restoration process includes cleaning out decades of debris, prepping and refinishing the piano’s cabinet to a smooth shine, replacing worn-down parts like hammers and strings, regulating the intricate mechanisms within for precision movement, and finishing with a professional tuning for beautiful tone quality across the entire keyboard. 

We use specialized tools and top-quality materials to ensure your piano plays like new again. Whether you have an upright, baby grand, or concert grand piano, Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft has the expertise to repair structural issues, solve problems affecting playability and sound quality, and restore your piano’s splendor. Contact us today to learn more about our restoration services.
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Why Have Your Piano Restored by an Expert?

We bring old, tired pianos back to life through complete piano restoration in Bethesda, Maryland. Our expert technicians have decades of experience restoring cherished family heirlooms to their original factory condition. We offer comprehensive refurbishment services, including:

* Deep cleaning to remove decades of dust, debris, and environmental contaminants from the piano's interior
* Cabinet refinishing with artisanal techniques to repair veneer damage and restore the beautiful original wood finish
* Replacement of worn parts like hammers, strings, dampers, and cracked ivory to improve tone quality and playability
* Precision regulation and adjustment of the intricate inner mechanisms—the heartbeat of the piano—for fluid, responsive key movement
* Professional tuning to align unisons, eliminate dissonant tones, and produce crystal-clear sound across the entire keyboard

Whether your piano is completely unplayable after years of neglect or whether you just want peak performance restored, our piano restoration services will get your instrument looking, feeling, and sounding better than the day it left the factory.
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Why Choose Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft?

When it comes to professional piano restoration, there’s no better choice than Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft. As a family-owned small business established in 1971, we have over fifty years of specialized experience that chain stores and anonymous techs simply can’t match. Our master technicians have completed thousands of piano restorations, rescuing priceless family heirlooms from unplayable conditions and restoring them to their original splendor. 

We bring an artisan’s precision, patience, and personal care to every job. While some companies cut corners to save on costs, we use only the highest quality materials and replacement parts to ensure the longevity of your investment. We take the time to hand-finish cabinet refinishing rather than painting over the damage. We regulate keys and hammers by hand, not using computerized equipment for quicker but inferior results. 

And our tuning precision cannot be replicated by apps or robots. When it comes to skill and mastery, there is simply no substitute for experience. For the most reliable and authentic piano restorations in the Bethesda area, trust Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft. Contact us today to learn more.
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Explore Our Piano Repair Services

The team offers expert piano repair services to fix any issue affecting playability and sound quality. Our technicians are highly skilled at diagnosing problems, from chipped ivory and sticking keys to broken strings and worn hammers, and making precise repairs to get your piano sounding its very best. We use specialized tools and top-quality parts for the highest quality repairs you can trust for your piano.
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