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We have over half a century of experience in piano tuning, maintenance, and repair.

Reliable Piano Tuning Bethesda MD

Does your piano sound a bit off? if so, you probably need professional piano tuning Bethesda MD. Our talented tuners have decades of experience making pianos sound sweet using time-tested methods. We understand that great-sounding music comes from properly tuned instruments.

 It's essential that your piano be routinely tuned to keep it fully functional and sounding incredible. We've been tuning pianos since 1971, so you can rest assured that your keys are in good hands. Not everyone has the expertise or tools to effectively tune a piano, but we've got what it takes, guaranteed. You'll be 100% satisfied with your services, or you won't pay us a dime. 

Bethesda Piano Tuning is a fully licensed and insured business that takes our job very seriously. As lovers of piano music ourselves, we understand that your instrument is important to you. We'll do everything that we can to quickly have your piano tuned. 
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What are the Benefits of Expert Piano Tuning?

We realize that some folks prefer to tune their own instruments due to cost. However, piano tuning cost is much more affordable than you think. Professional tuners don't make mistakes that require costly repairs or replacements. Our services are timely, so you can get back to playing beautiful music. Here are a few other reasons to hire a pro for piano tuning:

* Supportive of Many Piano Types - We excel in tuning all piano types, including console, upright, studio, and grand piano. It doesn't matter what style of piano you have; our tuners are able to maintain it with ease.
* Spot-On Tuning Measurements - We have an ear for in-tune notes, pitches, and sounds. Our professional tuning tools help us accurately tune your piano so that it sounds brilliant. Each time we adjust your piano, we'll measure the sounds for accuracy.
* Meticulous Inspections - During your tuning, we'll thoroughly inspect your piano for any broken or damaged parts. Should we find any, we'll promptly make the necessary repairs. If your piano requires replacement parts, we'll be upfront with you about it.

As you can see it makes sense to hire an experienced piano tuning pro instead of trying to have a go at it yourself. We have the right tools necessary to make your tuning services a success. Would you like to learn more about our procedures? Please take a moment to visit the company blog for more a plethora of information.
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Why Choose Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft?

Piano repair and tuning has been our specialty since 1971. That's over 40 years of professional instrument repair services on a variety of makes, models, and styles. We offer a service that is backed by experience, and that is priceless. 

Speaking of prices, we provide the most competitive rates in the local area. We aren't interested in breaking your bank, just tuning your piano. Our top priority is keeping pianos In tune so that musicians like you can seamlessly continue to make gorgeous music. 

When you require accurate piano tuning in a timely fashion Bethesda Piano Tuning is the piano service company to turn to. Are you ready to schedule an appointment today? You can do so by filling out our easy online contact form by clicking the button below.
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Our Brilliant Piano Tuning Services

Offering a variety of piano tuning, repair, and restorative services is what we do best. Do you have an old piano that's past its prime? Before throwing it out, allow us to breathe new life into its old keys by performing intricate restoration services. You'll be amazed by what we do. 
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