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Over time, the hammers inside your piano can become hardened and compressed, causing the tone and sound quality to deteriorate. When this happens, your piano may start to sound dull, tinny or lacking in resonance. Piano voicing Bethesda is the process of adjusting and conditioning the hammers to restore the piano's originally intended tonal character. 

This specialized service reshapes and evens out the hammer felts, resulting in a richer, more complex sound across the entire range of the keyboard. Our expert technicians use specialized tools to achieve the proper density and pliancy of the hammers. In addition to improving tone quality, voicing helps regulate volume balance and note-to-note consistency. 

Piano voicing from a trusted local provider like Bethesda Piano Tunning by PianoCraft can make a dramatic difference. This process requires the skilled hands and ears of a seasoned professional. With proper voicing, your piano will regain its full range of tonal color, subtlety and expression. You'll be amazed at how transformational this service can be.
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What are the Benefits of Piano Voicing Services?

A piano that is out of tune is likely to also have hammers that have become hardened or improperly voiced over years of playing. Piano voicing is the process of conditioning and adjusting the felt hammers inside a piano to ensure optimal tone and playability. Having your piano professionally voiced offers many benefits that both novice and experienced players will appreciate.

First, proper piano voicing in Bethesda, Maryland, helps regulate and blend the overall tonal quality of the piano. Our technicians will carefully shape the hammers to achieve a balanced, robust, and nuanced sound across the entire keyboard. The rich harmonics of each note will become more resonant and clear. Second, voicing evens out the volume of notes so there are no sudden loud or soft tones when moving up and down the scales. Consistent tone helps improve playability for pianists.

Third, voicing reduces the mechanical noises of the hammer striking the string. A well-voiced piano has less tinny or clicking sounds on lower or higher register notes. Fourth, having compacted or flattened hammer felts refreshed improves the piano's responsiveness and dynamics. The hammers rebound from the strings with precision. Finally, proper voicing reduces the amount of effort needed to play softly or loudly. The piano's full range of expression is restored. Breathing new life into a worn piano with professional voicing gives piano owners the quality sound and feel that they desire.
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Why Choose Our Experts for Bethesda Piano Voicing?

When it's time to have your piano voiced, trust the experienced technicians at our company. We have been providing top-notch piano tuning, repair, and voicing services for over 50 years. Our seasoned technicians have voiced everything from upright pianos to concert grand pianos and understand the intricate craftsmanship involved. We use specialized tools and methods to achieve ideal tonal quality and playability across the entire range of your piano.

Unlike some companies, we do not take a one-size-fits-all approach to voicing. Our technicians will evaluate your individual piano, taking into account factors like its age, construction, and current condition. We know how to bring out the best in your specific instrument. You can count on receiving a full tonal assessment before and after voicing is completed.

We stand behind our work, providing follow-up maintenance and adjustments as needed to ensure you are 100% satisfied. Our expertise in voicing is matched by our dedication to customer service. We offer flexible scheduling, reasonable rates with no hidden fees, and detailed service reports after every visit.

To have your piano restored to its original splendor of sound and dynamics, turn to our company. We have the skills your piano needs to sound its very best. Contact us today to schedule professional voicing services.
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Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft

Bethesda Piano Tuning by PianoCraft provides expert piano tuning, repair, and rebuilding services for clients throughout the local and surrounding areas. In addition to piano voicing, their technicians perform regular maintenance like cleanings and adjustments to keep your piano performing optimally. No job is too big or too small.
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